My poetic side….

Poetry is a huge part of who I am so since no one gave me any ideas on what to write about yet, I thought I would share some of my work. This poem was written to the people of Wartburg Seminary when I graduated from there. I know some of my readers have never heard it since they were on internship so I thought I would share that. I will share something about my mom or life or something at a later date. Hope you enjoy this poem!!

Wartburg Goodbye
By Tara L Ulrich
For three years now,
You’ve been, not only, my home
But my friends, my family, my life.
We’ve shared
In so many things.
We’ve sat and talked theology
At the Busted Lift,
Ventured to Perkins
For late night snacks,
Played, prayed,
Loved and laughed together.
So as we part
Our seperate ways,
Goodbye seems
Impossible to say
So rather
Let us reflect
On our life together
In this place
Even as we
Part our ways.

1 thought on “My poetic side….

  1. very nice work tera. i will visit your blog now. i did not forget that you write but i did forget you blogged..and i feel i have lost contact with diaconal people alot. that is how life is though more later blaire

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