My Own Amazing Race…..

Well hello again tonight my friends. Not much happening here but thought it was time to post. Besides I got some somewhat good news yesterday. When I came home from work there was a message on the machine for me. The pastor from Peace in Hazen ND called to let me know that they had received my paperwork and would be passing it on to the appropriate committee for call. He said they would let me know either way. Its fun to think about the possibility but not going to get excited yet. Tonight I am having a fun little night relaxing at home. My favorite reality show The Amazing Race concludes tonight so I got to see who wins. I really want the Bransen family to win! Since Im sitting here watching tv and a lot of you are finishing homework, I wont say too much. Collette, hope your ordination plans are coming along nicely. You know in some ways the call process feels like the Amazing Race…if that makes any sense at all.Well suppose that I will close now. Take care. God bless!!

2 thoughts on “My Own Amazing Race…..

  1. Tara, sweetie, you are an amazing strong woman. However I’m reading your blog and realizing that it’s really true that we mid-westerner’s are horribly self-effacing. “I thought it was time to post…” “I decided it was time to post…” I’m not your editor, but really….If you believe in what you’re writing, then so will we. love and blessings.

  2. If you noticed, Im trying to be less self-effacing. You are right if I believe what I write then so will my readers. I really believe in my latest post so you will have to check it out. And I cant wait to hear the rest of the story you posted on your blog!

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