My Mom Cracks Me Up Sometimes! :)

This girl is so ready for spring!!!!!! I usually am one who likes something about all the seasons but I am so ready for spring to be here! Even though the sky is blue somedays, it is still soooooo cold! I am ready for it be above 0! I love that my mom is happy at her nursing home. She has many friends there and I would never move her but sometimes it seems so far away. I always try to visit her over Christmas but because of the horrible weather, I didnt get there this Christmas. Mom still has my Christmas presents and my sisters. She calls me almost every Friday to see if Im going to come visit her. I want to so badly but the weather just hasnt been decent enough for a five hour drive especially for someone who drives alone. I love the drive but not when it is snowy and/or icy. One of these days I will get there….maybe in two weeks! 🙂 But for now, Mom is just making Christmas last longer. But another note, my mom cracks me up sometimes. A couple of weeks ago she called to see if I was coming and I told her, “No.” We were having a great conversation and I was explaining how it would be so much easier if I didnt have to drive that far alone. Out of nowhere, my mom replies, “You have a boyfriend. I know you have a boyfriend.” I was trying so hard not to laugh. I simply replied, “No Mom, I dont have a boyfriend. I think you would be the first to know.” It made me smile….and chuckle! I know she wants grandchildren, wants me to find someone special and to get married but she will just have to wait along with me! 🙂

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