My Hygge Year

After a long week, I’m now curled up on my couch with my sweet kitten Luna sprawled out on my lap. It’s these little things…my kitten, my blankets, my warm house that brung comfort to me. And last night and this morning, I got to spend time with dear friends that are comfort to me too.

When I began 2018 choosing the word hygge, I had no idea what that word meant. I did some research and found out it basically means contentment. After this year, hygge means so much more than contentment to me. It means home. It means hope. It means peace. It means knowing I am never alone.

Little did I know that 2018 would be a year of deep loss and grief. First my dear friend Ben, then a beloved seminary professor Ralph, than Ben’s brother Aaron, then Rachel, then Stephanie, then our dear family friend Jim and finally my beloved Grandpa Wilbert. So to say I’m ready for 2018 to be over is an understatement.

In the midst of such deep loss and grief, I’m rediscovering what is important. Time with those we love is so important. I’m trying to honor time as well. 2018 has taught me that hygge is so much more than contentment.

Hygge is loving my friends and family and spending quality time with them. Hygge is ladies who leave a prayer shawl in my office after Grandpas death. Hygge is honoring your grandpa by writing a poem and giving the eulogy at his funeral. Hygge is snuggling up with a sweet kitty on your lap. Hygge is peace embodied.

As a new year begins, Hygge will stick with me as a reminder of what’s important. Hygge will be lived out every day. Hygge has taught me so much this year. But I’m ready for a new year; a new beginning!

Come back tomorrow to learn what my new one word will be for 2019!

4 thoughts on “My Hygge Year

  1. I love that this was your Word and that it showed up for you! (And like you… I’m ready to wrap this 2018 UP and put it away already! 😉 Love you!

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