My heart is breaking….

I was excited to get home tonight and read what happened at the ELCA Assembly today. However I must say when I saw the result of the vote, I was not surprised to see what happened considering what I had seen and heard as of late but yet I was hoping for the best. I was hoping that my friends who are homosexuals in the ministry would be recognized by the church. As I sat reading the news articles, I was saddened by what I read. How can we decide what God wants for these individuals? I know so many people who are gifted with the gifts of ministry but because they are homosexual are not recognized by the church. That saddens me! Who are we to say who can and cannot share the message of Christ based on sexual orientation etc? Right now I cannot even think of the words to say to express how I feel about what has happened. I understand that this is a different generation etc but doesnt that call for us to look at the Bible and Scripture in a new context? Does Scripture not say to treat each person equally? Is this church not founded on the fundamentals of grace? Well I am so upset right now that I cannot think of anything else to say so this will have to do for now. I pray that God is with these individuals that are fighting so hard to be leaders in the church and I ask God to give them strength during this time. I also pray for God to be with this church and to ask them to see these people for who they are as beloved children of God and not by their sexual orientation.

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