My Destiny as a Huskers Fan!

Im excited this is my 100 post! WOO HOO!!! But besides that I had my first league event tonight and it went swimmingly as my friend L would say. I was so pleased with but boy am I tired now. It was a lot of work because we did a mystery meal but it sure was lots of fun. I promised Abi I would post about how I was destined to become a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan so here it is. Besides I can barely keep my eyes open and this is a story I know by heart so wont take me long to tell it to all of you. When I was born, my dad and mom lived in Scottsbluff, NE where my moms family is from. She went into labor on a weekend (labor day weekend to be exact…kind of ironic huh) that the Huskers had just played. The doctor Doctor Frank was a dear friend of my grandparents etc. Well needless to see the whole time my mom was in labor with me, all Dr Frank, my dad and I think my grandpa could talk about was the Husker game so Ive always said that that was the first thing I heard when I came out so I was destined to be a Huskers fan. I grew up along with the Huskers. I grew up with “Dr.” Tom on the field coaching those Huskers to wins. I was given a stuffed Herbie by my best friend for graduation along with a Huskers quilt from my mom. So as you can see, it is only natural after all of this that I be a Huskers fan!

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