My 5th Birthday Party

Day 12 of Write 31 Days! Today’s word prompt is “first.” I knew immediately where I was going with this word prompt. I hope you enjoy this post!

My parents let me invite friends over for my first friend birthday party when I turned five years old. The invitations were sent and finally the day arrived.

The day of my party, I got dressed in my prettiest and most favorite dress. My friends arrived exactly at the time the party was to start. We played games. We ate cake and ice cream. We opened presents.

My mom and dad made me open my present from them and my little sister last. The first box I opened held a clue. Each clue led to another clue which finally led me to the shed in our backyard. I opened the door to the shed to find my very first bicycle. It was white and pink.

My friends and I drove my bike out to the street. My friends encouraged me to get on the bike. I sat on the seat with my feet on the pedals. My friends each grabbed onto the sides and back of the bike. They pushed me and then let go. The first time I got scared and the bike started to lose its balance. My friends kept me from falling.

My friends wouldn’t give up, so we tried again. They held on for quite awhile until I told them to let go. They still held on and asked for reassurance from me. In my certainty, they finally let go. My hands gripped firmly on the handlebars and my feet pedaling away. Before we knew it, I was riding a bike! I never even had to have training wheels.

What a gift to have friends who believed in and encouraged me until I learned to ride that bike!

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