My 365th Post or Today’s Friday Five

Wow… 365th post…crazy to think!I thought Id play the Friday Five today since I havent played it in a long time!

1) What food item was one of your favorites this year – a definite keeper? It’s always the cheese ball my Grandma makes for Christmas. It has a bunch of veggies in it (green peppers, onions, dried beef, cream cheese, etc) So yummy!

2) Was there a meal or party or a gathering that stands out in your mind from this mose recent holiday season? It’s always the ones with my family. Just so good to spend time with them.

3) Were you involved in a jaw-dropper gift? Were you the giver or recipient or an on-looker? Kind of. There was an item on my Christmas list that I never thought I would get but the thing is I DID GET IT. The item on my list was a Kindle and boy am I loVING IT!!! My family tricked me and numbered three presents… the first I opened was a gift card to Amazon, the second was the case and the last was the Kindle.

4) Was there at least one moment where you experienced true worship? Yes!

5) What is at least one thing you want to make sure you do next year? Not sure!

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