Must Be In The Air!

Hi all! Seems like weight loss etc are always in the air. People try to lower blood pressure, etc. Well my friends, tonight I decided to take the leap myself with some help. I am not obese but am overweight for my body height and size. I would love to lose some pounds so I can be healthier etc. I joined the Biggest Loser Club. Its $20 a month but whats great is they plan out your meals and give you options, theres a shopping list, workout ideas, etc. I love the show and saw the ad for the Biggest Loser CLub. I love what I saw on the website so decided that it was probably worth the money. I guess well just have to see what happens and see if I can stay committed to this. Wish me luck!

1 thought on “Must Be In The Air!

  1. Congrats for leaping in, may God be with you on this journey. It is a great show and challenge.

    Several of us revgalblogpals have taken the plunge ourselves. I decided to go with weightwatchers.
    You go girl.

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