Moving on the Hottest Day of the Year! YUCK!

Todays been a crazy day. My dad headed to B town and then we loaded my U-Haul. We hit the road early evening and made it half way. Lets just say my car, the back of my dad’s pickup and the 4 X 8 trailer are packed as tight as they will go. Insanity! Im looking forward to getting settled in a new place but moving can be such a pain. And besides I must have picked the hottest day in the world to move. Well Im off to bed. Dad and I are going to get up early and finish the trip. I will let you know more once Im settled. Hope you are all staying cool! God bless!

2 thoughts on “Moving on the Hottest Day of the Year! YUCK!

  1. Wow! This seems like it is coming really fast! Although I am sure it’s probably not been as fast for you, considering you’ve been dealing with behind the scenes stuff. Anyway, fortunately, it’s nice weather here at the Mothership. Have fun with the rest of your move!

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