A Mosiac of Thoughts

Sitting at Fair Hills Resort for the rostered leaders theology on ministry conference. Still thinking a lot about life in the ELCA as of late. I understand that people are upset and some are rejoicing over the ELCA CWA actions. I must admit I am growing weary….weary from the conversations, weary from the grief etc. I hope and pray that the church will be able to stay united.

But enough about that….let’s move on to another topic! Life has been crazy lately…so many people diagnosed with cancer. It pains me to see them suffer and to see their families suffer. I pray for the doctors and nurses who care for them. I pray for strength and courage. What is it about the “c” word? I must admit I stay uptodate with my physicals etc but there is still fear in my life that someday I will be hit with the C word.

I also worry about mom and those who struggle daily with mental illness. It is definetely something I could go on and on about. Why do people have to be so cruel? Why is it so hard to welcome the other?

And on a happy note…music is such a gift. Ive never felt like Ive been gifted with that gift but I do enjoy listening to music, and hear others use their gifts. As I sit and type, there is a group in the room directly behind me playing blue grass music to hymms. I think also of one of my friends who happens to be an assistant to the bishop who has wonderful gifts for ministry with music. I listen to his cd constantly…it brightens my soul and is such a form of prayer just like when I write poetry. I need to use that gift more!!!

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