More Friends….Friends Friday Five Continued!

Well here’s five more friends I love……

1. Liz! Liz and I met at Wartburg Seminary–She is one of my bestest friends from seminary. I dislike that we dont get to hang out as much since we both live in different states and work in churches! I love how she likes to have fun. She has a tacky Jesus collection which has a velvet Jesus! I love that she drove all the way to ND to be part of my consecration as a Diaconal Minister. She is single too so we relate over that too! Miss her bunches!!

2. Anna who blogs at GirlWithBlog (and her husband Jared)!—Anna is such a sweetheart.I met her and Jared when they were working at SuperAwesomeBibleCAmp. They are both awesome people. One of the things I love about them is how much in love with each other they are. They tried so hard to have children and became parents almost a year ago. Their little man is PRECIOUS! I just want to eat him up and cuddle him up! I love Anna’s honesty! She is such an amazing mama, wife, and friend! She is a social media guru…or at least more of a guru than me…and I really appreciate that about her. She often reminds me through her blog posts how I need to trust in God and faith (which I try to do normally but that isnt always the easiest!)

3. Mackenzie and Kevin—I met these two at seminary too! They actually met and fell in love there too. MacKenzie and my friendship started out strange but we became such good friends. She loves theatre and so do! She loves to write and so do! Some of the many reasons I love her! Kevin loves being outdoors and worked at camp which is another reason I love him. He also is a stay-at-home dad with their daughter at the moment and that is so cool! I wish I could to see them more too! It was so great to see Kevin at the National Youth Gathering and to get a hug from him! I love that he literally picked me up and hugged me!

4. Lepper who blogs at—We also met at seminary. He is just a fun goofy guy with a heart of gold. (I used to have the biggest crush on him!) He has a passion for working with people with disabilities and that is so awesome. He currently is part of a L’arche community in Kansas and I think that is so cool. I love that he isnt afraid to try something new! I love that he can make me laugh but also knows when I just need an ear to listen! I wish I got to see him more too! So many great memories involve all these friends listed here! I miss them all so much!

5. Becky—Becky is one of my dearest friends at this point in my life. Life hasnt dealt her the easiest life. I admire her courage and her strength. She is an amazing mother and wife. I love that she clings to her faith in the midst of life’s craziness. I love that I can talk to her about anything and we can pick up where we left off the last time we saw each other. She will do anything for others. Love her!!!

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