The Mighty Red

It’s hard to believe that over a week ago, we began preparing for the flood in the Red River Valley as we watched the mighty Red rise. This community came together to help each other out. It’s hard to even put into words! Today life seems much calmer in the F-M area except for the occassional spotting of an Army vehicle or the hum of a helicopter over head surveying the area. Right now, it snows outside and we know that this potentially could bring more water. However the weather service informs us that snow is better than rain because it takes longer to get into the already swollen Red River! Today the river is down about exactly a foot from when it crested. However there is still caution and uncertainty in the area as we are not sure what this snow will bring! I am sad for the people that have lost their homes and/or been displaced. Hard to imagine the power of the mighty Red until now! Last night’s news showed people on the Main Ave bridge (right now one of the only access points between Fargo and Moorhead), standing in awe of the Red River. I would love to go and take pictures but I also don’t want to get in the way. Continue to keep us in your prayers in the days and weeks to come as we wait for the River to continue to drop and as we cleanup after the flood waters have receded!

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