I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung over at our Five Minute Friday website. Today’s word prompt is “measure.” We would love to have you join us.

“How do you measure, measure a year, in daylight, in sunsets, in midnights and cups of coffee?” The opening scene to my favorite musical/movie Rent begins and ends with this song. I love Rent for the story it tells about love. Yes there are some hard scenes to watch but for me, this musical reminds me to look at what’s important.

How often do we truly look at what brings us joy? Too often we get caught up in our impatience. Yet when we take the time to simply wait, we begin to see the joy and beauty of our lives and the world around us. As Spring comes upon us, we start to see flowers growing.

Musicals bring me joy too. I love them all. And my first Broadway experience in NYC last summer was Wicked and it was phenomenal. There is a preciseness that the actors and actresses need to have too. The musical notes need to be at the right pitch and in the right place.

So friends, how do you measure, measure a year?

16 thoughts on “Measure

  1. I’ve never seen it! It sounds fascinating. I measure years in a weird way because I’m a teacher. For me, years start in August and end in May ;). There’s an odd blip on January 1st when a bunch of people celebrate, but for me, that’s not the start!

  2. I love that you quoted that song – I had it going round in my head when I saw the prompt although I didn’t write about it in the end. I love musicals too and Wicked is one of my favourites. I saw it a few years ago in London.

  3. I love these thoughts, Tara: “Yet when we take the time to simply wait, we begin to see the joy and beauty of our lives and the world around us.” And the idea of measuring a life in love, in the heart giving and receiving. Challenging at times but so worthwhile. Thank you. xo

    • I am glad that I am not the only one who had that song stuck in their head when they heard the word prompt. You should see both of them! I enjoy them both so much!

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