Magnificent Mug Meme!

I saw this meme floating around out there, thought I’d take a moment to do it. Besides Im feeling under the weather today and think I may have caught the flu! 🙁

Mug Meme
Tell us about seven mugs in your cupboards.

Here are mine:

1. A mug that has the logo for Super Awesome Bible Camp on it. Since I worked there for seven summers and since that place will always hold a special place in my heart, that mug will remind me of such an awesome place!

2. A mug that was given to my from Special Olympics! The mug has the SO logo on it and reminds me of the wonderful awesome athletes that compete in that organization. This mug was given to me as a gift for working with SO and also doing my fieldwork for Diaconal Ministry through them!

3. A yellow soup mug that has a pic of a baby chick on it and the words “Lutheran Chick.” I like it because its fun and reminds me of my call to a Lutheran church and a baptized Child of God!

4. A mug that I like to call the $1000 mug. Now you probably are wondering why I call it that,so Ill tell you. This mug was given to me when I attended the Diaconal Ministry Formation Event in the summer 0f 2003. I paid a 1000 dollars to attend this event and this was one of the souvenirs I received so I like to call it the 1000 dollar mug. This mug has the Diaconal cross on it!

5. A set of two really tall Christmas mugs that have Santa on them. My aunt gave them to me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and I love them. They hold so much more than a regular mug because they are soooo tall!

6. Another mug is a mug that was given to me from my “adopted mom” when I was working at the inbound call center before I started seminary. This woman was so much like a mom to me and gave me this mug as a Christmas gift! It reminds me of her!

7. And last but not least, and not even sure if it counts, since it’s not really a mug, but decided to count it anyways. My insulated mug from the Mothership. Its an insulated mug with the Mothership’s Logo on it. These were given to us as a gift from the mothership.

So those are my seven mugs. I too like mugs like my friend Stumbling but need to collect more. I really dont have as many as I thought I did! Anyone else want to play? Feel free and let me know if you played in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Magnificent Mug Meme!

  1. T, thanks for the invitation to talk. It’s not seminary life that’s sucking right now. I’m very fortunate to have awesome friends who are willing to talk with me and walk by me during this time. Thanks for offering to listen. See you later.

  2. oh, this one is very different! i love mugs & i have sooooooo many and i want to play really really soon; i’ll let you know when i do. meanwhile, i got my hair hilighted again this afternoon and it looks amazingly great–how did yours turn out?

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