Luna and Neville

Day 7 of Write 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “same.”

My kitties are not the same. Luna is short haired. Neville is long haired. Luna is a girl. Neville is a boy. Neville is gray. Luna is black. Luna is older than Neville.

They do have some things in common though. They both love to wrestle and play. This morning, I caught Nevy trying and successfully capturing a butterscotch disc out of the candy dish on my coffee table. They both love to cuddle. They also like most cats love to nap! This morning, I found Luna in a funny place. She was inside the shelf on my headboard.

I’ve had many cats growing up. And I love that they are all different. Neville will eat just about any human food. In fact, at lunch, he stole part of my pizza and ran off with it. Luna isn’t much of a beggar but she does love olives.

My sister has cats too. She has Oreo and Tigger. One of hers is male and the other is female. One is orange while the other is black and white.

We were all made to be different except Jesus. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

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