Time For A New Meme

List six weird things about myself

1. I only have two first cousins and we are all girls born on the third of a month. How crazy is that?!?!

2. If I’ve used any electrical item in my office i.e. stove, dishwasher,etc, I have to double and triple-check that I’ve turned it off before I leave my apt. It is almost obsessive.

3. I am addicted to Reality tv shows. Trust me my tv watching list much like my friend Mark’s is definetely not a playlist you would think a masters student would watch. You name it…I’ve watched it…Celebrity Fit Club, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, Real Word, and many many others.

4. All of my cds are alphabatized and all my books are placed on the bookshelf by height.

5. I am horrible at directions. I always tell people to tell me left or right rather than north, south, east, or west. It makes more sense to me to go either left or right. I also have been known to get lost on a few occassiosn but I eventually find out my mistake and get to the place I’m going.

6. I like Cream Tuna on Toast.

Lets see I am going to tag SKDO, MissionBound, and Trish!

2 thoughts on “Time For A New Meme

  1. Hey, T! I played this game on April 20th (I think). I’d link it in this comment, but I’m inept when it comes to that. 🙂 Anyway, see ya later.

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