Life is a Journey!

Earlier today I was at home for lunch when I turned on The Chew. One of their guests today was Robin Roberts. She was talking about her new book called “Everyone has Something.”She talked about how life is a journey. She said so often we ask ourselves, Will I get married?, Will I have a family?,Will I get that job?
She also stated that it is so easy for us to get caught up on those questions but if we remember that life is truly a journey that those questions maybe don’t seem so important.

As I heard her state those questions we often ask, I found myself realizing how true those questions are for me. It is so easy for those questions to creep into my thoughts and every day life. I want those things so badly in my life which makes it so hard for me to trust in this journey!

I need to remember that God is with me on this journey called life and that I need to fully trust in God! I need to remember that God says, “Do not be afraid.” I need to take each day as it comes and to delight in this journey called life! God does hear our deepest desires and yearnings and will answer them in God’s timing not my own! (Oh how hard that is to trust in most days!!)

And so as I walk this journey called life, I am thankful for those God has placed in my life to walk this journey with me and who continually show me God’s mercy, love and grace! (You know who you are!!!) These people remind me that I am not ever on this journey alone (even thought it may feel that way at times).

After some encouragement from my friend Sarah, I joined my first (In) Couragers community group this week! I am excited to see where and how these women will bless my life as we walk this journey called life together especially since many of them struggle with singleness as well.

Tonight I am thankful for Robin’s words! May they always serve as a gentle reminder to always trust in God on this journey called life as I wait for my deepest desires to come to light!

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