Life and Death

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A woman in labor. She gives birth and the baby lets out a cry. A cry that embodies that there is indeed breathe in their lungs. From life to death..a patient breathes their last breathe. The beginning of breathe is life and the ending of breathe is death. I can’t help but reflect on the power of every single breathe we take in throughout our lives. 

Breathe reminds us that we are living human beings. Tonight, as I did Zumba, I found myself catching my breathe as the endorphins kicked in and my heart tried to keep up with my rapid activity. Breathe again is a reminder of what we have been given in life.

Breathe also reminds me of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit who lives, moves and breathes…breathes in and out in this broken fractured world. As she moves, the Holy Spirit continually reminds us of the gift of life and death, the gift of joy and sorrow, and so much more. This gift of breathe that reminds us that there is a beginning and an end; the Alpha and the Omega in Christ.

Life begins with the first breathe taken. Death comes when we breathe our last. Tonight, I cannot help but think of our dear friend Andrew and all those who are suffering. Someday we will all breathe our last. But in faith, as that last breathe is taken, suffering and pain will end and peace will come. Peace that is born in a baby’s first cry and peace that is found as that last breathe is taken and those we love are welcomed by a heavenly chorus, at the banquet feast fit for all Gods beloved children.

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  1. Beautiful Tara!
    It seriously sucks that Andrew is struggling still. I think it was a year ago now that we were wondering each week if he would be joining us or if we would find that he had left us. It is easy to pray for him, yet oh so hard all at the same time. How do you pray for someone who is fighting to live and suffering each moment they do? I am beyond grateful to Christ for giving us the gift of Andrew and his wisdom and friendship. It's truly amazing how someone can be such a complete blessing to your life while leaving you asking God why. As I think about Andrew I am forced to exhale deeply, breathing in that I MUST trust in God's perfect timing and cherish Andrew for as long as He gives us with him!

  2. Beautiful, Tara. One of the thoughts that brings comfort is that our last breath here on earth will lead to our first breath in heaven. I love what you said about our first breath leads to life and our last breath comes before death. I'm grateful that our last breath here isn't the end of our story.

  3. "Peace that is born in a baby's first cry and peace that is found as that last breathe is taken and those we love are welcomed by a heavenly chorus, at the banquet feast fit for all Gods beloved children." Tara, your whole post is great but I love this last quote! Beautiful!

  4. What profound thoughts from a simple word. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum… there in the beginning of life with my four children and in the end with many that I love. I'm so thankful He is with us through each breathe and He is the beginning and the end! Good to read your words again! Happy Friday to you friend!

  5. This is great, Tara! Life is sacred from the first breath to our last. What a better understanding of how precious life is when we breathe in the grace of God . Thanks for sharing <3

  6. What you say connecting our every breath with the Holy Spirit is underlining something I have been growing more aware of and thinking about quite often, even in just noticing my breathing. This life that we experience God breathed into us from the first as human beings, and with it we became "living souls." Also the fact that the Hebrew word translated breath is also the word translated spirit. There is so much mystery and miracle in our very living, breathing being, and you are capturing that here. Thank you.

  7. Yes, life and death are connected by the breath. A first cry and last gasp are such poignant moments, such stark reminders of our mortality and the gift of each breath we take. Thank you for this lovely reminder, and for thinking of Andrew and others who suffer pain in this lifetime. Bless you, friend. xo

  8. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6. I need to remember that each day is a gift, even the long ones. I want my life to be an offering. Thank you for sharing your heart Tara! -Jolene

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