Let’s Not Miss Out!

I missed the FMF party last night since I was jamming out to Garth Brooks with my sister. I missed you all,but the best concert I’ve seen EVER! If you don’t know about the Twitter party, we gather on Thursday nights and wait for our gracious host to give us the word. Then we write for five minutes unedited. It’s such a great practice in free writing! We would love to have you join us! 

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “miss.”

My sister and I were at a Garth Brooks concert last night. One of my all time fave Garth songs is “The Dance.” The lyrics in the chorus even include our prompt word for this week, “Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain. But I’d of had to miss the dance.”Life is like that isn’t. There are so many things we could miss if we don’t take the opportunity to do them or even notice them. 

If I didn’t go to the concert, I would have missed spending time with my sister. I would have missed the best concert I’ve ever seen. I would have missed spending time with many friends who I miss. In those 24 hours or so, I spent time with so many that I love and miss. I had lunch with my friend PB today. I had coffee and caught up with my bestie today. She even gave me my birthday and Christmas presents. We have missed getting together. I spent time visiting with my colleague. I even tried seeing a few other friends. My friend Mel missed my text so we missed each other! We were both bummed! 

Life is full of hits and misses but I would much rather spend time remembering the blessings in my life; the people and places that I miss because they have put a permanent mark on my heart and mind. The places and people that have shaped me into the woman of faith that I am today. 

There are sad misses too. This weekend, I also remember those that I miss as they have left this Earth. I think of my Grandma Bess and Grandpa Sam. I think of my favorite high school English teacher. I think of my friend Chewy. Even though I miss them, I am reminded of the promises found in the book of Romans “If we live, we live to the Lord. If we die, we die to the Lord. And so then whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lords.”

Let’s not miss out on the dance of life, friends! 

Garth singing to a woman with cancer 
at a concert in Minneapolis in 2014.
 He’s a class act! 

20 thoughts on “Let’s Not Miss Out!

  1. Love this- "let's not miss out on the dance of life". I'm glad you had such a good time at the concert and go to enjoy time with friends too.

  2. Tara, it sounds like you had a wonderful time, not only at the concert but spending time with your sister and other friends. So glad you didn't MISS it! Blessings to you, sweet sister!

  3. I've heard his concerts are incredible. He did six concerts in Iowa last weekend, and he was all the talk around here. So glad you didn't miss it! Love your words, as always. Bless you, sweet friend!

  4. What fun! Your experience at the concert was rubbing off on me and making me remember those kind of spectacular events that connected me to my friends and family.

  5. Tara,
    I didn't even know that song until college, but it's in my head now. I'm so happy you got to go to the concert with your sister! Sister time is not worth missing, not even a second. (Though there were some times in my childhood I would have disagreed, Lol)

    So so sorry I didn't make it over to read your post until tonight. I missed it. I've been so busy at school and I really didn't think I would be, but summer's almost here.

    Love you!

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