Learning to Ride A Bike

If you don’t know the low down, Thursday night is the night for FMF party where we gather and catch up on life and wait for our gracious host Kate to give us the word prompt for the week. Tonight we talked about all things Gilmore Girls. We lived vicariously through our friends who are together at the Festival of Faith and Writers. I seriously gush over these people and this community at every chance I get. I am so blessed by each of them and cannot wait until we meet in real life. Love you peeps!!

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “easy.”

Learning how to ride a bike isn’t the easiest thing in the world, is it? Most kids have to ride around with training wheels on their bikes. They ride around until they have balance and the tires are no longer on the ground. That is a sure sign that they are probably ready to ride their bike. But that doesn’t mean there won’t still be skinned knees and elbows.

For me, learning to ride a bike was fairly easy. My parents surprised me with my first bike for my 5th Birthday. I had many friends over for my party. I had to solve the scavenger hunt clues until it led me to my new bike. I was so excited!!! My friends had me sit on the bike. They held on and pushed me while I pedaled. After awhile, my friends let go of my bike and I was still peddling. I was riding my bike by myself.

Riding my bike came easy for me, but for others, it maybe doesn’t come as easily. For some writing might come easy. For others, singing might come easy. Life is like that isn’t it? Life isn’t always easy. Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows and so much more. We grieve. We cry. We struggle.  I truly believe that life isn’t suppose to be easy. In fact, I came across this quote and it is so full of truth: “Nothing worth having comes easy!” Amen!

Peaceful Easy Feeling–The Eagles 
And because it’s the first song 
I thought of when I heard the word prompt, 
I had to include this! One of my fave songs 
To jam out to! 

48 thoughts on “Learning to Ride A Bike

  1. Tara,
    that's a fun song. I love the picture of you surrounded by friends delighted in your discovery and running alongside you until you're pedaling alone.
    Just like how I picture us in heaven! (and even here now at FMF)
    Thank you for running alongside me as I pedal!
    (Pedaling in the #3 slot tonight)

  2. Wow! That you remember the day you learned to ride your bike is noteworthy! I remember my dad pushing behind me, his hand on the banana seat while I pedaled and figured it out. And don't ask about a certain horror story I have about one of my boys as he mastered the fine art of bicycle riding. 🙂

    You are right. There are certain skills and talents that come more easily. And there are those things we have to work HARD for. Some things in life are pleasant and easy to walk through, and others are tougher than we can comprehend when we take our first steps.

    But God. He's with us through all of it, peaceful easy feeling or not (I had to,since you put that song into my head tonight 😉 ).

    • Jeanne, sounds like you have an eventful horror story about one of your boys learning to master bicycle riding. So true..some things that come more easily and other things that we have to work so hard at.

  3. Ha, sounds like you had a much easier time learning to bike ride than I did 🙂 But you're right that many of the most valuable things in life don't come easily! Coming from FMF spot 8 this week.

    • Emily, I was surprised by how easily bike riding came to be. But really it was the support of my friends that made it easy. You are so right…many of the most valuable things in life don't come easy.

  4. Bea was SO into her pedal bike (with training wheels!) until she was walking it down the driveway, tripped, and fell over it. We're having trouble getting back on…. I keep telling her that part of learning is scrapes, but it's a tough lesson. I wish I could remember that myself – scrapes and bruises are great teachers, aren't they?
    Annie (#44!)

    • Oh I am so sorry to hear that Bea is having a hard time getting back on her bike. Reminds me of the Full House episode where Michelle is learning to ride a bike. Maybe you should watch that together.

  5. I love that song… I often sing it on sunny days walking by the lake! I love your memory about the bike! That is great! I have a few of those stories as well.
    thanks for sharing it with us! Happy Friday to you! (Stopping by from FMF #38)

  6. One our the sophomore girls at school is learning to ride a bike…her friends run along beside her and hold her up. It makes me happy-sad. Happy that she has friends who will help her, and sad that her childhood is such that she never learned to ride when she was young.

  7. One of my favorite Eagles' tunes. I remember driving across the desert of New Mexico, 1983, windows open, skylight open with that blasting from the CD PLAYER (yes) and my hubs and I jamming. Love the memory!

  8. i so remember learning to ride a bike:) i was very uncoordinated. it didn't come easy, but i learned:) loved riding. it was back in the 50's when kids rode their bikes often and everywhere with out fear:)

  9. I love your story of learning to ride a bike. Learning to ride a bike is one thing I missed out on as a child, and I doubt I'll bother now. I think it's true that "Nothing worth having comes easy" and we can learn and grow a lot through our struggles.

  10. Such truth here, Tara…There are both the easy and the hard in life, but often it is the hard that births the most beauty…over time. Paul told us to expect hardship … and he was right…but He also tells us to expect God will guide and lead us through it…and he is also right about that!

    Loved reading about you learning to ride your bike. I don't remember it. My youngest learnt at daycare just before her fourth birthday: daycare videod it and posted it to Facebook for me to see: I was in New Zealand with my dying Mum and my youngest, one at the time. It was such a special gift: also for my Mum, who had a huge smile on her face watching it from her bed…she couldn't talk, but her smile said more than any words ever could.

    • Anna, thank you! Ohhh I love your words—the hard that births the most beauty over time. Good thing your daycare thought to video tape your youngest learning at daycare. Love that your Mum got to share in that moment too.

  11. "Nothing worth having comes easy!" So true, Tara… that's what helps us to endure, persevere, risk skinned knees and worse to accomplish new skills. I loved hearing about how you learnt to ride a bike. It's something I never managed because I only got to try on borrowed ones now and then. But we grow and try and learn new things all the time. I look forward to heaven when the fear which holds many of us back from succeeding will be gone. Xx

  12. I tend to believe if life were always easy, we wouldn't need faith, or God for that matter. In times of hardship is when we remember how much we need Him and his strength to get us through. As to bike riding, I'm still wobbly on one!

  13. I'm still no a confident bike rider at almost 32 years old. Still very wobbly and wary. But as you say, life isn't easy. Thankfully, God walks with us in the wobbliness and the wariness!

  14. Oh friend… wrapping up with The Eagles? NICE!!! (Please tell me you have listened to Dave Barnes newest CD …it's such a throwback sound to the Eagles and the 70s and oh my – you will LOVE it!)

  15. Tara, I love that story of the scavenger hunt and the bike. Riding by yourself is a big moment for any child. I remember a similar moment in the fourth grade. We went ice skating on my birthday. When we got home, my dad surprised me with a turquoise 3 speed and a cake glowing with candles! Thanks for bringing back the memory and inspiring with your story. Have a fantabulous weekend.

  16. What a fun way to receive a gift! Great memory for sure!! And until now, I never realized that bike riding is actually just another lesson in balance. Thank you for that perspective.

  17. These words say it all… "Life is like that isn't it? Life isn't always easy. Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows and so much more. We grieve. We cry. We struggle. I truly believe that life isn't suppose to be easy. In fact, I came across this quote and it is so full of truth: "Nothing worth having comes easy!" Amen!" Thank you for truth!

  18. Loved hearing the old Eagles song! Wow! Great fit for the prompt 🙂 Learning to ride a bike sure is not easy. Harder as the parent running alongside too. But it sure is worth it when they take off for themselves. Enjoyed this so much!

  19. training wheels are such a great analogy! I started bike riding at 8, no training wheels, but there's a world of difference between 5 and 8. Sometimes people become expert at skills that troubled them at first; at times they decide to choose something else. However, I believe some things worth having do come easy at times. So fun that we both quoted an Eagles song! Peaceful Easy Feeling is one of my own top 40 or 50, but even though I remembered it before I thought of Take It Easy, I decided against quoting it because of an ugly memory that stills makes me wonder.

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