Kmart sucks..

So my title probably has you wondering doesnt it? I decided to tell you about one of my adventures and not about how much I miss WTS and all of you. Well I suppose I wont hold you in suspense any longer and will explain the title. Now how many of you have seen the movie “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise? I would say probably most of us. Well tonight I had the opportunity to meet KIM PEEK. Kim is the inspiration for the Charlie Babbitt character. Thus the Kmart line for the movie had to be used as my title. Dustin Hoffman even spent time with Kim to get some ideas of how he interacted etc. The movie, of course, is not a true portrayal of Peek but it does have some of his characteristics. My aunt got us tickets to go. Kim is absolutely amazing. You could name your birthday and he could tell you what day of the week it was, what it will be this year, and what it will be when you turn 65 so you can retire. Pretty amazing. He memorizes tons of things etc. I asked him about Dubuque IA. He told me that it was in Dubuque County near Jo Davies county. Also that the area code is 563 and that you take Hwy 20 or 61. He also talked about the movie Field Of Dreams and how it was taped in Dyserville etc. He basically knows every zip code, tv station, and area code for any town. People were naming little towns in ND and he got them correct. He recited from memory 10 of his favorite Shakespeare lines. It is truly amazing what he can do. If you want to learn more about Kim, check out the book his father wrote titled The Real Rain Man or google his name and it will take you to some cool sites. Guess thats it for now. Off to bed for me. Miss you all lots and God bless!!

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  1. Tara — I miss you evertime I go to Dbq (which is often, since I still think of it as home.)

    Finally, here I am checking out your blog. I’ve been delinquent in the computer area this summer. However, I’m here now, and will check in when I can. Enjoy your time on the prairie, and know that someone’s praying for you whether on the plains of Iowa or in exotic locales 🙂

  2. Hi, would you believe I'm reading blogs instead of what I need to be doing? Going through your archives I noticed your comment about Kim Peek. When I lived in Salt Lake City I sometimes attended psych grand rounds at the University of Utah; one time Kim, his dad, his psychoneurologist and a couple of other member of his treatment team were guest for the session on high functioning and other autisms. Fascinating!

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