Keep Awake

I’ll admit that there have been times in my life when I didn’t particularly want to stay awake. I wanted to go to sleep and awake to a new day forgetting that the before didn’t happen. But the truth is that God calls us to stay awake and to shut up as we listen to the world around us.

When my mom and others daily struggle with a mental illness, I say keep awake.
Do we see them there?
Do we hear what they have to say and how they are struggling?

When the homeless man is on the road asking for food, shelter, clothing,
Do we truly see him? Or are eyes blind to him?

In this world, God calls us to truly shut up and listen to those who the world often doesn’t see. We need to shut the devil up..for this evil one doesn’t have the last word. God does..for God is faithful! A faithful God who calls us to be woke in this broken messed up world.

So, my friends. are you awake? Are you alert? Keep awake for soon Jesus will break into this world through the cries of this infant born in a manger in Bethlehem. These cries who shut us up and call us to always be awake.

Keep awake!

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