“Jesus with Flesh On”

Have you ever thought about how sometimes we just need “Jesus with flesh on” in our lives? As many of you know, last week I posted an entry about a dear friend from seminary who was diagnosed with cancer. However when they did the biopsy the doctor gave her some hopeful and hope-filled news; the tumor didnt look cancerous. But now its time to wait; time to wait until the results come back. How hard it is to be patient when we have to wait. My friend has a website where she has been posting updates etc. Last night she talked about how she loves Jesus but sometimes she needs to have “Jesus with flesh on” and for her, that has been the hundreds, no thousands who have been praying for her from miles near and far away from her. She is so right though. Sometimes we just need “Jesus with flesh on” We need to see Jesus through the eyes, ears, smiles, hugs, etc of those who love, care, and pray for us! What an awesome image that is! This friend has reminded of how awesome it is to have brothers and sisters in Christ who hold you up when you dont think you can do it yourself; who love you for who you are and will pray for you no matter what. What a blessing and a gift that is! Last week my youth at church were “Jesus with flesh on” when they collected 1,383 pounds of food for our local food pantry. So my friends, I challenge you to be “Jesus with flesh on” not just today but every day!

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