Jeopardy and Taking Risks

The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “risk.” 

I’ve always loved watching a Jeopardy. It’s one of those game shows that makes me feel smart when I know the answers. I’m way better at some categories than others. Recently I downloaded the Jeopardy app onto my phone. I do ok. I love the religious categories because I seem to do pretty great at them.

When it gets down to final Jeopardy, it’s always a decision to decide how much money to risk. Do I know the category or not? Will I gain money or lose it? It reminds me of the risks we take in life.

What dreams are we willing to try? To take a risk for? My friend K recently interviewed for a job and she got it! She is now moving from North Dakota to Iowa. I’m so excited for this new adventure for her. I also am hopeful a new adventure is on the horizon for Luna, Nevy and I.

I also am taking a risk reaching out to publishers about my children’s book on mental illness. It is so much needed in our world.

10 thoughts on “Jeopardy and Taking Risks

  1. Found you from FMF! That first step is always so hard, but trusting the Lord to prepare the way and walk with us is even harder! Good luck with your children’s book. You are correct, it is sorely needed.

  2. The ‘Jeopardy’ music sets forth a challenge
    to every man and his dog;
    will you make it, will you manage,
    or is your brain lost in a fog?
    Will you claim a category,
    and make of it your very own,
    or will haphazard be your story
    as all around the board you roam?
    And, at last, when the end come nigh,
    what kind of wager will you make?
    Whether it may be low or high,
    there’s a risk you have got to take
    that in the game, as in every day,
    how you do is how you play.

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