Free to Be Me!

I’ve been so busy I didn’t even realize that I had posted my 300th post. Too funny; oh well!

“I love you just the way you are and no title is ever going to change that.” These words were words a good friend said to me just a few days ago. They were definetely words I needed to hear at that time and place. She’s right! But why is that often so much easier said than done? Sometimes I find myself wondering if I can make myself better etc and wondering what I could do to find Mr. Right. Than I have to remind myself that I am exactly who God created me to be! Lately I’ve found that my new favorite song is the song “Free to Be Me” by Franchesca Batestilli. I love the song. I love that God created me with the freedom to be me! I just wish I would remember that more and not dwell on the negative. God loves me just the way I am so what can I do to feel connected to that love? A good friend posted an entry on her blog the other day that asked how we feel and experience the love, not mushy love, but the love of Christ? It got me thinking. For me, I experience God’s love with the people who accept and love me for me! That is so important to me! I may not be the coolest hippest person but at least I know they like spending time with me because they love me for me! I also experience it when I take the time to write poetry, novels, etc. These things remind me again that God has created me to be ME!

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