Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Here I am sitting in my home office, typing away on the computer, bundled up in my hooded sweatshirt and thinking its about time to head to bed. However I just had to share the news. It snowed here today. Thats right there was white stuff on the ground. I went in to teach my confirmation class and when we came out, the snow was coming down and blowing through the air. It was crazy! I took some pictures on my camera phone but couldnt figure out how to email them to myself. Now most of my friends know how excited I get to see snow. When I was attending seminary, I used to get elated whenever the first snow would fall and people would think I was crazy. But growing up in the Dakotas, there is just something about having snow on the ground most of the winter. It was fun to see the snow and to see the kids joyfully playing in it. Now I am a summer gal, however I like all the seasons. One of the reasons I like winter is because I love curling up with a good book and a nice hot cup of hot chocolate or apple cider. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside or something. Well I think Im going to head to bed. Im feeling a little stuffed up these days but seems to go with the territory of the changing of the seasons. I feel fine just wish my nose wasnt so stuffy. But enough about that, hope you all are staying warm tonight.

2 thoughts on “Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

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