It’s Been A Good Day!

Today has truly been a good day. I went to church this morning and did my usual gig with Sunday School etc. After Sunday School, I had a Jr and Sr League meeting. The meetings were earlier in the day than they usually are because the local Bible camp was having their annual meeting so in order for me to go, I had to move the meetings earlier in the day. I must say I was quite pleased. The numbers havent been that great but today I was feeling good and optimistic. There were 6 youth there which put a smile on my face. Six isnt a huge number but it is definetely 3X what it has been in the past. We enjoyed our time together. We ate pizza, played a board game and laughed. After those meetings I quick ran home and changed and waited for my ride. Two other individuals from church were going out to camp for their annual meeting. We got out to camp and had the annual meeting. I toured a few of the new cabins that I hadnt seen etc. It amazes me how much that camp has grown and changed since I began working there about 10 years ago. That place is such a big part of who I am that its always such a delight to go out there. But in the midst of all of this, there was a small piece of sadness that came about and perhaps Ill blog about that later once Ive got it wrapped around in my head. After the meeting, we enjoyed a meal and then headed home. As we were heading home, I was visiting with K and G (members of my congregation). I told them the story about when I was hired and that the camp director hired me thinking I wasnt going to make it. The next summer the camp director told me the story about how he didnt think I was going to make it but he now he couldnt get rid of me. I said to K and G, “God obviously showed him something in me to make him hire me.” At which point G said, “I look forward to reading your church newsletter articles every month. They are straight from your heart and I think we have a wonderful person in this family and youth position.” After hearing those words, I simply said “Thank you” and thought to myself that is exactly what Ive been needing to hear. So Im going to close and just bask in the glow of a good day!

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