It’ll Be Totally Worth It!

I took a giant step tonight.

I attended an informational meeting on foster care and adoption tonight. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve done in a long time. I walked into a room full of strangers. I stand up front every week during worship and have no problem. But tonight I felt like I was a little fish in a big pond. I sat down at a table by myself. Shortly thereafter, a lady asked if she could join me. Next thing I knew there were two couples sitting to my right and my left.

A lot of information was given to us and my mind is full. After awhile, a foster parent panel got up to speak and answer our questions. One of them was a single dad. I asked him to speak about being a single parent. And immediately, as I began asking the question, the tears began streaming down my face. (Anyone who knows me well knows that’s no surprise). I so appreciated his honesty.

Afterwards, the single dad was on his phone when I walked by. I mouthed the words “Thank You!” He mouthed back “It’s totally worth it!” Of all the words that I heard tonight, those are the words that are sticking with me. Those are the words that are replaying in my head and my heart.

Foster and/or adoption have been something that I’ve been praying about for awhile now. And lately, I’ve felt more and more like God has been tapping me on my shoulder saying “Go for it! I’ll be with you every step of the way!” And as I hear those words, I feel like God is calling me to be brave in a new way. I think I’m ready to take that next step; starting first with respite care.

This brave step all began with my friend STM saying to me a few years ago “Have you ever thought about foster care or adoption? There is such a need and I think you’d be great at it!” That conversation started a spark. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a mom. And at almost 38 years old, my biological clock is indeed ticking. But what if God has been calling me to be a mom through foster care or adoption.

I’m not sure exactly where this journey may or may not take me. But what I do know is that God will be with me every step of the way.

And in the end, I have no doubt, it will be totally worth it!!

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12 thoughts on “It’ll Be Totally Worth It!

  1. Tearing up as I read this. I am SOOO excited for you! Foster care is no joke, but oh my goodness there are so many kids that need an amazing mom like you. My nephews were adopted out of foster care 9 years ago and I can't imagine life without them.

  2. What a powerful testimony – Praying He guides you every step of the way! It will definitely be worth it. God bless you as you take the next steps. Praying you will sense His presence and have courage and peace. Blessings to you!

  3. Oh Tara! I'm so excited for you! What God has planned nothing will prevent from happening. I'm going to be praying for you as you take these leaps of faith, trusting our Mighty, Mighty God will never ever leave your side.

  4. Wow–you are very, very brave, Tara! I know the Lord will bless your courage and this huge step of faith. And the lives of little children will never be able to thank you enough. You rock!

  5. Tara, it is not an easy decision or an easy path. Especially children older than a baby. Sometimes it's downright HARD! But if God calls you to this He will equip you. You will be stretched, you will grow and YES, it'll be worth it! I only caution is that you go into it with eyes open. It takes more than "love" to rescue a wounded soul. Sometimes it takes blood and guts. Sometimes these little darlings, lie and steal and break your belongings and pitch fits so huge. I strongly urge you to read about attachment (specifically RAD) before you do this. I like Nancy Thomas's stuff. and this book:

    I am excited to see what God has for you!

  6. This is so exciting. I have a friend that adopted a child from China. She has never regretted it. She has a beautiful young teenager now.THe joy of her life. I'll share this post with her. Maybe you can connect.

  7. How exciting, Tara. I pray that God clears the path for His perfect will. You have such a beautiful heart and it's a precious gift to invite others into your life to share it. Hugs!

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