It was a good day…but Im tired now!

Today was Rally Sunday at my church. I was excited to finally get to know the kids and start Sunday School etc. Since I started on June 1, I havent gotten to know many of the kids because the church isnt very active in the summer months. Today was awesome a local christian worship band from youth in the area played and some other youth from the congregation also did the special music. It was a glorious day but I think even greater was the attendance at our Garden party. When I started the Pastor and I talked about having a kick-off picnic etc for Rally Sunday, wed provide brats, hamburgers, drinks while the congregation was to bring salads, desserts, etc. We had taken a count but there was more people than we expected. In fact, at one point, I thought we might run out of food but we didnt. It was so awesome to see people who barely come to church or dont come at all that came today. We set up a volleyball net, played Norwegian golf, etc. It was great. People came out and started playing games and before I knew it, it was almost two in the afternoon. Im so delighted and excited that this idea went over soooo well! It puts a smile on my face. Im also excited to meet and get to know the youth of this congregation. However now I think Im going to go take a nap, being out in the sun for sooo long sure makes a person tired. Praise be to God that Rally Sunday was such a success!!!!!

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  1. I’m glad Rally Day went so well. My home church had their annual picnic/outdoor worship this past weekend, too. All of this talk of parties and picnic makes me wish for home… Sounds like a a great time!

    (And just exactly what makes Norwegian Golf different from other golf? Enquiring minds want to know!)

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