Internet Friday Five

1. Do you use social connections, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in or whatever else there is? Describe how you use it/these. YES! Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with friends from all the different places/times in my life (Friends from seminary, from high school, college etc). It also has allowed me to stay connected with my family! I have a Twitter account but only recently have really begun to use it. Im learning from people who are much more adequate at it then I am. It is a great way to stay connected and meet new people. Linked-In has helped me keep colleagues, friends, etc and their contact info all in one place!

2. Do you text on your cell phone? Work, friends, family? Yep I text! I text friends! I text family! I even have texted colleagues sometimes!

3. Do you play any games? Which ones? Nope not really! I did at first but just too time consuming.

4. How do you predominantly use the various electronic devices you possess? To blog, read other blogs, to check email and to email, read my hometown newspaper, check Facebook etc!

5. How do you feel about blogging? Are you as involved in blogging as when you first started? What facilitates your blogging? I love blogging! I am as involved. In fact I would actually say Im more involved than I first was! I blog when Im inspired. I may be inspired by something I heard or read. I might be inspired by a friend’s blog! I might just need to write and so I blog!

Bonus: Anything you want to add. You might like to discuss what helps you most in your vocation with internet connections.

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