In the Darkness

The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “darkness.”

In the darkness

A pregnant Mary

Rides on a donkey

Bethlehem bound with Joseph.

In the darkness

No room for them

In the inn

So a stable

Is where they lay.

In the darkness

Amidst the animals

Mary labors

Until her sons cries

Pierce the darkness

In the darkness

The infant king

Swaddled in a manger

In the darkness

Wisemen follow the star

Bringing gifts

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

In the darkness

Stars twinkle bright

Thousands of years past

We remember and honor

This king

The one sent for us all.

In the darkness

On this holy night


God with us

Oh come let us adore him!

In the darkness

A promise fulfilled

From a stable in Bethlehem

To Calvarys hill

10 thoughts on “In the Darkness

  1. This is lovely and evocative, Tara, and it put me in mind of a rhyme. I hope you enjoy it!

    It must have been real dark that night,
    while shepherds washed their socks…
    oh, crap, I didn’t get it right,
    they kept WATCH over their FLOCKS.
    Anyway, they we doing somthin’,
    and were not thus asleep,
    but when they left, I was wonderin’
    what happened to the sheep?
    Did they lead the bleating mob
    down to Mary’s stable?
    Or did they trust the ‘watching’ job
    to God, because He’s able?
    I’d like to think they went there too,
    to add their bleats to brown cow’s “MOO”.

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