In SKDO’s Honor!

Today is special because my dear good friend SKDO is being ordained. She will officially become Pastor SKDO today! SKDO has been a wonderful friend to me throughout our time together at seminary. I love her and her family dearly and am so glad that I was blessed to meet them. I have to smile because SKDO has been a bright light in my life. She has always been there for me and I hope I have been able to be there for her too when she has needed someone. Well last night when I went to bed, it was dark and dreary as the snow continually fell. Then this morning I woke up to the sun shine, a beautiful blanket of snow and a smile across my face. As the sun was shining on the snow, I was reminded of my good friend SKDO. I hope that her ordination is full of light and life and love and joy and blessings just like the light shining on the snow this morning. I had intended to go out to Portland for SKDO’s ordination but in my procrastion (or in the dow of the slacker as our good friend Squatch calls it), I waited too late and tickets were just too expensive. I really wanted to be there but know that SKDO understands. SKDO, know that I am there in spirit today…thinking of you and praying with you. SKDO, you are an amazing woman of God who has so many wonderful gifts for ministry. The people of your new congregation will be blessed to know you just like all of us who know you are blessed to know you. SKDO, I received a plaque on the day of my consecration from some dear friends at my home congregation and today as you celebrate your special day I want to share those words with you. “May this special day be a treasured momento. May it be the centerpiece of all that has preceded it and all that will follow it. May it be a fulfillment of things hoped for and the beginning of new hope. May it be a time of celebration with those whose presence increases your joy. May it be as special as you are.” (Author unknown) AMEN! I just find this poem so fitting for today and since I love poetry, I thought it was a great way to honor you my friend! Love you lots and happy ordination day to you!

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