In A Sea of Chocolate and Roses

Last week, I was reminded of a blog post God’s Beloved I wrote two years ago for Valentines Day. And then last night, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I was overcome with all sorts of mixed emotions. Many of my friends changed their profile picture to a picture of them with their significant other and the words “I love us.” The last thing I want to do is descredit my friends and families joy. And to be honest, my heart is so full for my friends and their families, but there is another part of me that is so heartbroken; so sad that my desires haven’t been answered for me yet.

I know that my life in no way depends on a relationship status. But on days like today, it is so easy to forget that especially as I wait for God to answer the deep desires of my heart. It can seem like I’m not good enough; that I’m not worthy. But the truth is in God’s eyes, I am good enough. I am worthy. In fact, I am more precious than gold or silver. I am a fearfully and wonderfully made child of God!

Yet today especially I need each of you to continually remind me that I am one of God’s beloved. I need to know that my life isn’t wrapped up in my singleness. I need to be reminded continually that Im not past my prime. I also need to be reminded that there is even beauty in the uncertainty of it all. (So much easier said than done)

“I’m single. Not sick, not a problem and not past my prime. So please don’t pity me on Valentine’s Day, because today of all days, I need your help to remember that my value doesn’t rest in a relationship status, in a box of chocolates or in a red rose. It rests in the fact that no matter what lies ahead of me, I am God’s beloved and His plans for me far exceed the feelings of a day.” (Read more Here!)

Yes, there are days that my emotions and feelings overtake the day. But today especially, I’m not going to let that happen. After work I’m going to head to Curves to get a Zumba workout in. I’m going to do things that bring me joy and remind me of my worth and are not wrapped up in my singleness. In a sea of chocolate and roses, I’m going to cling to the promise that I’m one of Gods beloved children. 

I am sure that I will stumble along the way. But as long as you remind me that today is so much more than my feelings, I think all my single friends and I may get through today after all. 

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26 thoughts on “In A Sea of Chocolate and Roses

  1. So good Tara. You and several other of my wonderful, amazing single friends have been on my heart today. I don't really "celebrate" Valentine's day anyway, so to me it's just another Tuesday 😉 Be blessed friend.

  2. So glad I stopped by from #RaRaLinkup where we're neighbors today. And can I say, friend, V-Day is over-rated? So beautiful to read about your focus on this: "…in God's eyes, I am good enough. I am worthy. In fact, I am more precious than gold or silver."

  3. Great post, Tara! Yes, we are God's beloved children and our worth does not depend on a relationship status! Today I was remembering a conversation I had a while ago at work. A lady had phoned about something completely different and suddenly out of the blue she said, "I got married last year for the first time, and I'm 64!" She went on to talk about how wonderful her husband is and how happy they are. It was strange as we'd been talking about something else entirely but it reminded me that God has different plans for each of us but they are good, and that we need to trust in his timing.

  4. another beautifully true post! As you said, your heart is full of joy for your friends – similar to my feelings when I observe others doing ministry I prepared to do – yet everyone lives with a degree of disappointment and ambiguity in at least one area of their life. Recently interim pastor counseled me via poetry from Rainer Maria Rilke to "live the questions." Sounds like what both of us already have been doing! Hugs and Happy Heart Day!

  5. Thank you for writing this! I believe most people just assume others are in a relationship whether we are or not and it is hard. Our culture tends to promote marriage as the norm even with the high divorce rate. I have always felt weird on these kind of days because I don't "fit" into the norm.

  6. You know what? We are the apples of God's eye and Valentine's Day is a ploy for Hallmark to make more money. You are as loved today as you were yesterday and just as much as you will be tomorrow. How do I know that? The Bible tells me so!!!!! xo

  7. I love you so and love your willingness to be honest and vulnerable and speak the truth, my friend! Of course we 'know' things in our head even though sometimes our hearts and emotions try to convince us of lies. Praying the Truth speaks louder and He reminds you of your worth and how He has made you to be amazing!

  8. I think the beautiful thing about your realization that you are prized, cherished, chosen, and beloved by God is that those things are so much more far reaching that chocolate, roses, or really the fickle kind of love we manage with people. Love that you shared your heart, and love that you love God more.

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