Im So Excited…And I Just Cant Hide It!

Post #125 which is cool but I actually came on to post about some more exciting news. I love Holden Evening Prayer. It was one of my fave things in the whole wide world to listen too. When I was at the Mothership, we would do Holden Evening Prayer on the weekends they held their conference on ministry events. It was so awesome. Well I am soooo excited that I cant hide it!! I know its a lame segue but I just couldnt help it. At my church, they have an Advent Family Night and when I started, I was told that one of my responsibilities would be to plan the program for that event. My first thought was boy it would be awesome if we could use Holden and sure enough they own it! Right away I was like we are going to use Holden! I plan on getting one of the youth from the congregation to play their flute with the piano for accompaniment. I cant wait to use it! Its such a beautiful piece. Besides as I was reading through the words, looking at the Magnificat, etc, I was like this is so fitting for Advent. Advent is one of my fave times of year as we look forward to the Christ Child’s birth. Pretty amazing! Today was our second day of practicing Christmas music for the church Christmas program. Its fun to hear and sing those songs again. I understand we need to start practicing now to put on a good program but it royally irritates me when I go into stores, that have Christmas decorations up right after Halloween. Seems like we are forgetting Thanksgiving and totally skipping over an entire month.

2 thoughts on “Im So Excited…And I Just Cant Hide It!

  1. First, I am glad you are feeling better! Second, I too, love Holden Evening Prayer. I would like to be able able to sing it this Advent, but alas … I think I may have to be Holden-less another year. Sing one for me, please!

  2. That’s the “Let my prayer rise up like incense before you” one, right? Wow. When I was a younger person, I absolutely HATED that order of service. But after my trip to the seminary for Discernment Weekend 2004, I absolutely LOVED it. It’s amazing how a chapel full of excited and good singers can change your perspective so drastically. Even now, when we occasionally do it at my church, I love it. Crazy, huh?

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