IM Finally Moved In!

Well I am finally settled in my new apartment. I still need a few pieces of furniture but it is definetely starting to feel like home. I love my new apartment and it is quite large which means lots of room for visitors…hint hint….LOL! Ive been spending lots of time at the library and stuff because I dont get cable or Internet until the 30th. I finally broke down and bought a DVD/VCR player so I at least have something to do. In fact ,the other day I watched the Senior Banquet video montage. It truly put a smile on my face. Lately Ive been thinking a lot about the 2006 WTS Graduating class since thats the class I started with. I am grieving since I dont know when Ill see them again and in so many ways, they are my bestest and strongest friends in the whole entire world! Its crazy to think that we all are now scattered. But enough about that, I hope this finds you all doing well. I want to tell you more about my consecration service but it would take some time so think I will leave that for another day. I think I might roadtrip out to camp this week to drop off the offering from my consecration service and visit some old friends. I guess theyve made quite a few changes and I havent been out there in probably like two years. Im yearning for camp! Well I should go. I need to stop at the church and fill out W-2 forms.

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