I Want To….

I missed my FMF peeps tonight!

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “want”

I want there to be peace on Earth.

I want the world to not fight about petty things.
I want to know that we can agree to disagree.

I want to always be who God created me…created us to be

I want to do my best to show God’s love to the world.

I want to be the best friend, daughter, sister, etc I can be in this world!!

I want to continue to embrace all that God gives me.

I want to be a mom and wife more than anything in this world.
It is one of the deepest desires and wants of my heart.
And yes, I must admit that I get tired of writing about and sharing this want with all of you.
But it is something that I feel from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.
It is a desire I yearn so deeply for.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of the heart.”

Like Abraham and Sarah, I want to trust fully and completely like they did.
I want to give everything over to God and to place it always in God’s hands.
What if Sarah hadn’t trusted? What if Abraham hadn’t trusted?

What if Mary hadn’t trusted the angel who told her she would bear the Christ child?

I want to wait in faith…as I trust in our God who knows every desire and who I believe will indeed see them fulfilled in God’s way and not necessarily in my way.

36 thoughts on “I Want To….

  1. Such vulnerability, Tara! I know I get stuck writing (/processing/whatever you want to call it) my wants – over and over. Maybe I need to focus my "wants" on something greater. Thanks for this reminder.
    Annie (#36)

  2. If we want what God wants and let our hearts beat for what breaks his, we'll be wanting the right things! He wants children to experience unconditional love, and you have so much of that to give! May he continue to guide and bless you on your journey!

  3. i've often thought about what that verse means. i mean really often! no pat answers on that one. i do know that as we delight ourselves in Him, He often does give the desires we have looked for in places we aren't expecting as we invest our lives in the lives of others…as i'm sure you do. aren't there children who look up to yours a close friend and mentor…and will as they grow?
    no, you didn't physically birth them, but your influence in their lives has been as profound. until the dream of being a mother/wife comes along, enjoy those blessings…because in this day and age, they truly are!

    being able to influence a child, teen, over the course of their life in a positive direction toward Christ and away from a life that would be unhealthy is a true blessing. mentoring in a school, taking some under your wing at church, going to their events, etc. will make you part of their lives.

    a recent single staff member here at our church retired after over 20 years of working in the christian education here. at the good bye even for her, countless "children" (many now parents) and parents came to her goodbye with tears of gratefulness for her influence in their lives. it is no small thing. they would go anywhere and do anything for her…and she for them. they are family!

    your story may be very different. you may marry and have a family…or not, but this family connection is available whether that happens or not. it is real and wonderful.

  4. Waiting in faith is hard when our deepest desires don't seem to be answered. I love the story of Abraham and Sarah- it encourages me to keep waiting and trusting and that God has a plan.

  5. Thank you for sharing! I get the "tired of sharing the same wants over and over again" part…Hang in there and may you still see things to enjoy in your life right now!
    Somehow, your site doesn't allow me to comment with my WP account, so I use my old google one. Weird…

  6. this is so beautiful! Don't know if I'll play today or not; I may finish my 3 word Wednesday instead. I want to stop going through the days fearing I will die of grief.

  7. Tara,
    your vulnerability in your writing is what makes you so beautiful. You're not afraid to be seen and to share your passions. I'm so excited to see God fulfill these desires for you, in the way that He has always planned. I pray that the wait will be more than made up for. In some ways, you may resonate with Him "restoring the years the locusts have eaten" (Joel)
    If you haven't seen Marie's post (#4), that song she shared? I can't stop listening to it today!!
    Love, love, love you!!!
    (and a great big hug from Oregon tonight)
    (#16 this week)

  8. Tara, these are a beautiful set of 'wants', hopes and desires. Whatever the future may hold for you in terms of marriage and motherhood, God sees your heart, my friend. And I'm sure He will provide ways in which you can mother children somehow, maybe spiritually or otherwise. Praying over those heartaches, longings and desires you have. Meanwhile, I bet you make a fantastic auntie! 🙂 x

  9. Beautiful, Tara! You are such an encourager to others and you have such an empathetic heart. I pray God will grant you your deepest desires. Thank you for sharing. Like Karrilee said, "it gives us the opportunity to join with you in prayer." Blessings to you, sweet Tara. xo

  10. A timely and beautiful post. I love your application of the stories in scripture. The reminder that we can wait on Him and see His faithfulness through the ages. It's when we are in the thick of it that it is so difficult to see and therefore easy to try and take matters into our own hands. Good for you for choosing to trust and wait on Him! He sees you!

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