I Thought It Was Spring!

I thought spring was supposed to be here but guess not. Just the other day it was 80 degrees here and now today it is snowing like crazy. The ground is completely white and this morning when I came to work, I could see the ground. Im so ready for spring to be here. I am sick of being cooped up inside and stuff. Oh well. Hope everyone is staying warm! And if you haven’t had a chance checkout the poem I wrote that was posted two posts ago, please check it out! I’m always interested in knowing what others think. Have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

1 thought on “I Thought It Was Spring!

  1. Hey, T!

    I have been on vacation from work, school, and internet. However, I am back and catching up on your blog. I enjoyed your poem. How was the lock-in? I used to love those as a kid.

    And, snow??? Gotta love spring, eh? My mom used to make us keep the plastic on the windows until the end of April — even if it was 80 degrees that first week, because there was always one more snow….sigh. Memories!

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