I See You There!

I see you there
Watching her
As she pulls out her food stamps
To pay for her dinner supplies.

I see you there
Staring at the way
She is acting.

I see you there
Scorn upon your face
Wondering why she is allowed
To have her own children.

I see you there
Judging immediately
Blaming the latest school shooting
on “her kind.”

I see you there
Showing contempt

And because I see you there
My heart is broken
How can you judge?
Why must you judge?

Do you not see her?
Do you not see him?
Do you not see any of the Lord’s beloved?

They are hurt by your words,
By your actions,
By the way you treat your neighbor.

Will you please see all
For who God created them to be?

Will you promise to not judge?
To not show contempt? To not scorn?

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