I'm Only Human! :)

Today was Graduation Open House day! I found myself working my way around to the different grad parties! I love seeing the look on the church youths face when I show up. Blessed to be a part of their lives. And I know they will be blessed to be a blessing!

Two of my favorite stories from today. I was visiting with some church peeps when their son came inside. I said hello and his immediate response, “Where’s Pastor M?” I said, “He’s at his house with his family!” Something was wrong with me being by myself. To him we are supposed to be in the same place at the same time cuz thats how he sees us at church.

However my fave story happened at the last open house. I was enjoying a hard iced tea when one of my 6th grade boys spotted me. He looked at me and said, “I’ve never seen you drink.” He just shook his head. Then he said “Except wine (meaning Communion).” I was talking to his mom when she told me his older brother said something to her too about me having a drink. I just smiled and shook my head. I’m normal like everyone else and I like a drink once in awhile too! It made me think about how working in the church often brings about certain characteristics that people expect! I too am both Saint and Sinner and am not perfect! I want my church peeps to know that I’m not perfect either…and am more like them then they think.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend my lovely readers and friends!

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