I Love Camp!

Camp has played an extremely important part in my faith journey. It was fun to open the latest issue of the Lutheran magazine and see an article about how camp changes people etc. You should check it out! (And I’m not just saying that because I was quoted in the article!) Camp truly has made me into the woman of faith that I am today. I am super duper excited that as of the other day, I already have 16 youth from church signed up to go to camp this summer which is the most we’ve had since I started here. It makes my heart happy. Camp truly does have an impact beyond words. So I guess I just want to say…..go to camp, send your kids to camp, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also dont forget to check out the great article in this month’s Lutheran magazine!

I love camp!!!!!!!!

One thought on “I Love Camp!

  1. As a child I looked forward to church camp, as we didn't go until 7th grade. These days, the kids go when they are much younger. They are busier when they are older and there is much more competition for kids' time when they are teens (sports, jobs, other types of camps and summer programs.) I wonder if NOT having the kids at camp when they are teens will make a difference in faith formation?

    My three kids went to camp a total of 17 times while they were grade school age. One of them became a Lutheran camp counselor, then married a Lutheran camp counselor, then lived at two different camps because of the spouse's jobs after seminary. My kid became a pastor, in part, I think, because the counselor training helped her learn to share an excitement about faith.

    Yeah Camp!!!

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