I Am A Daughter!

I’ve blogged more days in a row the last three days than I can even remember! Today I read a blog post on Huffington post that I can’t seem to shake but then again I don’t want to shake it either! The title of the blog is “I am Adam Lanza’s mother.” It gave me chills as I read it but the writer’s words are so true and hit harder to home for me than I maybe care to admit!

I’ve struggled with whether or not to write this post but I find that I need to write this for all the many who daily struggle with mental health issues. I am not Adam Lanza’s mother but I very well could be his sister!

The words “mental illness” keep appearing as we talk about this senseless act that occurred on Friday! And I believe that is truly a place for us to begin! We MUST do a better job of talking about mental health issues. There is such a stigma associated with mental illness that we are afraid to talk about it. It’s sad to me that we are more comfortable talking about guns and gun control than we are to talk about mental health issues.

I know mental illness all too well. It’s a part of my every day life! I am the daughter of someone who lives with mental illness! My Mom has lived most of my life with a mental illness! Yet she doesn’t let her illness get in the way of who she is! She is one of the most grace-filled and kind women I know…a beautiful woman of God! And I say that having seen her at her highest highs and her lowest lows! She has taught me more about life than I can even begin to count!

(Tears are now beginning to stream down my face as I write these words…tears for what she has taught me, tears for the lives lost in CT, tears for the conversations we need to have in the midst of a scared scarred world)

My mom (along with another family member) are just two of the faces of mental illness! Who are those other faces? They are someone’s son, daughter, mom, dad, niece, nephew, or grandchild. They are precious yet these faces understand what it’s like to live with mental health issues. They know it is not easy living with it. Yet they are able to live good lives when they get the proper treatment!

It’s been difficult for me to write these words yet I feel I needed to share them……..if not for you than for me! We need to talk about gun control but more importantly we need to talk about mental health issues!

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  1. You are so right, Tara. I believe it is going to be a slow process. If those of us that have had people in our lives touched by mental health issues continue to speak up and out, we can make a difference. God Bless You and have a Blessed Christmas

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