Hump Day Thoughts

Happy Hump Day! Life around here has been busy. My sister has been visiting me from AZ which has been great. She went to Bismarck today to see an old friend that we grew up with. I just got home from work and I almost got rained on. The weather here has been extremely hot and dry. A lot of farmers are extremely worried…no rain, no place for cattle to drink, crops dont grow etc. Its sad. Where my dad and family farm in Ashley is especially bad, they havent had rain for days. Its been dry here in Beulah too but not as bad as there. Tonight it looked stormy when I walked home from work and within minutes, it was raining but it was shortlived. In fact I think its over now. But enough about that, I have been reminiscing and looking at pics today. Amazing what memories a pic can bring back. I wish I were at seminary helping my friends move. Something about helping move brought closure to my life. I helped like 30 people move a couple summers ago. It was insane. I just hope and pray that my friends who havent gotten calls yet get calls soon. Other than that, a lot of people I know are at the youth gathering in San Antonio. Hopefully in three years Ill be able to bring some youth from my church.

But enough about all that stuff, I have been thinking a lot…thinking about where my life is going and stuff. I love being here and love my new job yet I still yearn to be closer to friends and family. I think Ive been thinking a lot about it because I havent met anyone my age here yet. The ladies of my condo are great and its great being taken care of and checked on etc but I guess at my age I just am ready. I know that it will happen in God’s timing and not my own but sometimes its so hard to be patient and stuff. I think growing up I had to grow up so fast because of mom’s illness. I became mom to my sister in many ways since mom was sick a lot and dad was busy farming. I guess I just need to learn to cherish time which I think Im usually pretty good at but sometimes I wish God would bring Mr Right into my life and speed certain things up. Help me not to do that. Help me to cherish each and every moment of single life, of being a sister, of being a good youth and family coordinator, of being a good friend. I think you all get the point.

Well guess thats it. Thanks for listening to me ramble on my readers. This blog has been a good place for me to sort out my thoughts and listen to what others have to say. Hope you all are staying cool and God bless!!!

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  1. Gracious God,

    Surround Tara with your love and compassion. Be with her through transition and settling in. We know even good transitions are stressful, so please, God, Bring her joy in life, strength in adversity, and the support of a community of friends.
    In your holy name we pray,

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