Hope for the Weary….?

My dear friend Anna and many other mamas are hosting an online book/Bible study called “Hope for the Weary Mom.” You can read Anna’s blog here: Hope for the Weary (New) Mom)

I love how honest their posts have been. When I first saw Anna’s post I was excited that he had pages for all sorts of mamas….but then I was also bummed because I’m not a momma but I yearn to be a mama in so many ways. (You, my faithful readers, already know that!) So Ive been reading Anna’s posts and pondering what kind of a mama I might be someday…and in the midst of this praying about something I have been pondering for awhile now…foster care and/or adoption. SO I thought I would share my thoughts and answer the questions from the book looking from my view and the view of others out there who are trying so hard to have a family and to be a mom or dad. I also have a feeling that my mama friends will be hopefully be blessed by these posts as well!

(And a side note for my dear friend Anna: Dear Anna, you are an awesome mama and Sam and J are blessed to have you in their lives. I know being a mom isnt easy but you dear aren’t afraid to be honest and share how hard being a mom can be. I so admire you for that and hope to be as good of a mom as you are to Sam!)

In chapter one, the chapter is titled, “When the Gentle Words Won’t Come.” How hard it is to find those gentle words when life seems so crazy etc. The discussion questions from that chapter that Anna posted are as follows. Lets discuss…

•Where do you turn first for comfort and relief?
As a writer, I have to put things down on paper so for me I write poetry. I also turn to trusted friends and family. Someday, as a mom, I know this wont be easy. I look at all my mama friends and how hard it must be to find that good caring time with other adults. Like a lot of moms out there, I wish I could say I turned to prayer and my Bible which I do do but not as often as I should!

Chapter two is titled “When You Just Don’t Measure Up.” Reading this I thought to myself….how many of us feel this on a daily basis…or if not on a daily basis at least pretty often. Its so hard to measure up to what we think we should be doing and what others think we should be doing etc. This chapter really spoke to my heart and in a lot of ways gave me a sense of peace! And let’s discuss these questions…

•How often do you catch yourself comparing your home, job, income or parenting to someone else? Boy…often! I so often find myself comparing my life to others especially when I see they have the things I want and yearn for so deeply. Will I ever get to have a family? Will anyone ever call me mama? And then I realize I am so blessed to have the life I do have. My friends who have children are such an awesome blessing in my life. I love spending time with each and every one of them.

2 thoughts on “Hope for the Weary….?

  1. I loved this. Thanks for sharing your mama heart here. God will come through and be faithful to you, Tara. I can't speak to His plan for your life, but I do know it.is.good.

    I hope it's ok, I linked your post up to todays post on my blog =)

  2. I'm glad you loved this post Miss Anna! You are right. God will come through and be faithful. Thats just hard to trust in sometimes. And yes thats totally ok that you linked up to this post!

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