Home Sweet Home

Today was a busy day. My sister is visiting me for a week. Today we drove up to the camp I worked at for about seven summers because they had their quilt auction. Not only did they auction off quilts, this year they decided to try something different too. They auctioned off speciality baskets. I bid on the scrapbooking basket but it went for a little more than I wanted to spend. You know that place still feels like home to me probably because I worked there for soooo long. Once I hit those gravel roads that lead into camp, I feel like Im homebound even though I havent worked there for three years. I ended up buying a quilt myself. I only paid $40 for it which was a great buy. Some of the nicer quilts went for 1500 dollars. Its pretty insane how much some of those quilts go for but you know what the money goes to a good cause and thats all that matters. I also got to see some of the old camp staff I used to work with. It is crazy to see them again after so many years. I enjoyed our visits. Other than that, not much going on. I am thinking of all my friends at the ELCA Youth Gathering and look at the pics every day. Maybe just maybe Ill catch them but probably not since there are so many people there. I just hope and pray that all is well at the Gathering. But guess Ill close for now. Hope you are all staying nice and cool these days. We really could use some rain down here. Talk of drought sure is running rampant so please pray for rain for the farmers so the crops will grow etc. Thanks!

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