A Holy Time, A Holy Place, With Holy People!

Earlier this last week, I found myself in Des Plaines, IL for the Diaconal Ministry Gathering of the ELCA. So good to be with beloved diaconal sisters and brothers. It was definetely a holy time in a holy place with holy people! Who would have ever thought that a year ago when the planning team planned the dates it would be during the time the ELCA would have to do major restructuring. I was reading my friend Mark’s blog the other day and he had some great thoughts about this situation. The darkness will not overcome. Christ will help us through this difficult time.

Being a Diaconal Minister in the ELCA hasn’t always been the easiest thing. However it seems to me we have made some huge strides. As I listened to some of our speakers this past week, I definetely came away feeling hopeful. I hope others came away feeling the same way!

I am thankful for the community of diaconal brothers and sisters! My life is so much richer for having each of you in my life. You each bring gifts that the body of Christ is enriched by! Thank you for simply being you and fulfilling the mission that Christ has placed upon your hearts and minds; your heart’s passion!

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