The Holy Spirit is Alive and Working Indeed!

The Holy Spirit is alive and working indeed!

The Holy Spirit is alive and working through new friends I have met on Twitter this week as I have watched the ELCA CWA online.

The Holy Spirit is alive and working especially through prayer this day!

Earlier today, I found myself with a prayer request. Immediately I went to my Twitter feed and tweeted my tweeps to ask them to pray. The crazy thing is a week ago I never would have asked for it via Twitter because I barely used my Twitter account. However this week I have grown to love Twitter. Shortly after I tweeted, I had people replying saying they were praying! WOW!!! People across the US were praying because of my simple prayer request. I also texted a friend who is also there at the CWA and asked for her prayers. She texted back that she would pray too! As I watched and participated with them in worship, I truly could feel their prayers ascending!

The Holy Spirit is INDEED alive and working!

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