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I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Here.” Write for five minutes; unedited.

I’m here in Nashville this week. My sister surprised me with a sister’s trip last Christmas. We have been here since Sunday night.

Monday we went on a tour of the Ryman and later to 3rd and Lindsley…a bar that was recommended to me by a musician friend. That place didn’t disappoint at all. All I have to say is two words: Vince Gill. Vince plays here every Monday night with a group called the Time Jumpers. I was fangirling hard. I’ve loved Vince ever since I can remember.

Tues we went back to this place and heard a country showcase of young artists. So fun! Ate at Acme Feed and Seed–so yummy!

Wednesday–We rode on the General Jackson riverboat. Also because FMF friends are here for the retreat, I was able to meet a blog friend InRL.* So fun to explore Nashville with Jen and my sis. Even ate at Monells–good home cooked food!

Today we toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and historic RCA Studio B. I got chills hearing the music and it’s history there. Supper at the historic Wildhorse Saloon. I even tried my hand at some line dancing. Stopped at the Johnny Cash museum cafe on our way back to the hotel. There was a songwriters showcase. Fun to listen. Finished out our day with a swim.

Tomorrow Grand Ole Opry and also hopefully meeting up with some more blog friends InRL. I am excited that the retreat is here which is allowing for some meet ups. But a tad bummed I won’t be able to be at the retreat.

But also so glad that it is here and many will be able to be there.

*My five minutes ended here!! I had a lot to say this week!!

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  1. You clearly had a great time…Nashville is way cool, and I wish I were there!

    Please blow a kiss in the direction of Tullahoma…I have some airplane-restoring friends there.

    8-ball at FMF this week, what an appropriate number for me!

  2. Sounds like an amazing time! Vince Gill! He will always be my favorite! We went on the General Jackson a couple of years ago – did the Gospel trip on a Sunday morning – with family in town to celebrate my parents 80th and 85th birthdays. How fun, and how wonderful to enjoy the talent of those young singers and musicians. I'm just a tad jealous about the meet-ups with FMF friends from the retreat…maybe one of these days… Thank you for sharing the fun times! I hope your weekend is equally amazing.

    • Janet, it was amazing! And Vince Gill was superb!!!! The General Jackson is so fun too. I am glad I got to meet a few of the FMF ladies since I wasn't able to do the retreat. I hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Tara, it was soooo awesome meeting with you in Nashville! Even though you aren't coming to the retreat, it was SUCH a blessing to meet you in real life!! God works in amazing ways, and He brought you here during this time for a reason, and I love that we were able to meet up.

  4. Vince Gill – AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh man. I've always loved that silky voice. We are kindreds on that one, gf.
    I'm so glad you got to meet some FMF sistas! I wish you could have gone to the retreat – you were SOOOO close! (I wish I could have too.)
    My son lives in Knoxville. I was there a couple weeks ago. He is a musician at UT. Being a musician myself, I say he and I take a little trip like you and your sis did! Sounds like a blast!

    • Totally kindreds on that one. Vince was superb!!!! I am glad I got to meet some of the FMF sistas too. I wish I could have gone too. It was weird being so close and not being there. You and your son definitely should take a Nashville trip. The music itself is worth it. Our trip was definitely a blast!!

  5. What a beautiful week you've had! And you saw Vince Gill! How awesome! Your post warmed my heart, as you shared your "here!" Keep writing and sharing, my friend. We love your writing! Much love to you!

    • Julie, it was such a beautiful fun amazing week. Vince Gill was SUPERB!!! He is such a humble guy and simply loves to play music. I am glad my post warmed your heart, my friend. I will keep sharing and writing. Much love back to you too!

  6. Wow, Tara! It sounds like you've had an amazing week! I hope you enjoyed the Grand Ole Opry. I've only been to Nashville once, and it was to visit family, so we didn't see much of the city. What an unforgettable time for you!

  7. VINCE GILL???? What a great week you are having! I fully expect a LONG Vox message telling me all the things when you are back home safe and sound, my friend! So glad you are able to meet up with some of the fmf girlies too! Love that God worked out the timing! So fun!

    • VINCE GILL INDEED!!!! He was superb!!! I am glad I was able to Vox and tell you ALL THE THINGS. I too am glad it worked out to meet some of the FMF girlies too. Love you friend!

  8. What a fun trip! I heard Vince Gill about 10 years ago with Amy Grant. They sound great! And I love that you are getting to see Nashville. I went there once to a MOPS convention when my first two were pretty little. I hope you are having a great time. And thank you for your sweet card in the mail. It made my day!

    • Carrie, it was indeed such a fun trip. That is so cool you saw Vince and Amy about ten years ago. Vince was superb last Monday night at 3rd and Lindsley. Nashville was great. You are so welcome for the sweet card. I am so glad that it made your day, my friend.

  9. First off–fangirling?? Love the term! Your trip sounds fantastic. It's great that you're able to mix & mingle with retreat attendees even though you're not going yourself. Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

    Where's the next vacation?

    • Sabrina, I can't believe you haven't heard that term before. The teen girls are always using that word and taught it to me. I am so glad I got to meet some of the FMF ladies even though I wasn't able to attend the retreat. The next vacation hasn't been planned yet.

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