The Head and The Heart

Things in life dont always turn out the way we expect them to, do they? Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of being a mommy but it hasnt happened for me yet. Most of that is because I havent found my Mr. Right. There are times when I am hopeful but there are also other times when I’m not sure it will ever happen for me! This past Friday on my day off, I found myself channel surfing and I came across the Dr. Oz show which I normally don’t tune in to watch! Friday’s topic was titled “How old is too old to have a baby?” Needless to say, I was sucked totally in. They had panelists on both sides of the issue. It was interesting to listen to their conversation and see where I found myself. It’s a question that I know many are asking! I know that for some it’s about having a biological child so they try everything they can to have that child; IVF, IUI, etc! I also know families who have been blessed by adoption and foster care! Several friends grew up with foster siblings in their homes. A couple of weeks ago a dear friend texted me because she immediately thought of me when she went to a foster care meeting at their church. There is a huge need for foster parents etc. Now I’m not saying this is something I am ready to jump in and do, but it is a conversation that has been re-playing in my heart and mind.

This weekend I spent some time with some dear seminary friends. Friday night I babysat for both couples so they could go out and have an adult conversation/meal without the kids. It was such a blast being with those kids! Love them to pieces…they are so darn cute!!! Saturday morning all of us girls took some girl time. As we were walking through the store, I mentioned to one of them what the other friend had said to me about me doing foster care etc. Again Im not saying that it’s something Im ready to jump into but it is something that I totally find myself praying about. Where is God leading me? It’s so difficult when your head and your heart are trying to sort it all out. My head is asking all the logistical questions and trying to decide what is the best path for me while my heart is so ready to love (but that’s scary too). There also are so many fears and doubts playing into this conversation as well. So for now, my friends, all I can do is pray, pray, pray, pray!!!

(Hopefully this post makes sense! It’s been rattling around in my head for a little while now but I haven’t been able to write it down until now!)

2 thoughts on “The Head and The Heart

  1. Let not your heart be troubled! Lean not on your own understanding. Seek God FIRST and all these things will come into place =0) HE will give you the desires of your heart! When I finally had this revalation it changed my life- LET PEACE be the umpire in ur life (so to spk). When u'r in communion w/ God, walking w/ Him, pray earnestly about the situation. If you feel peace about the decision one way or the other great-there's ur answer. If u don't feel peace, great-there's ur answer. Now if you're living carnally this won't work. Being carnally minded equals death. Spiritually minded equals life and peace. Spend ur time rejoicing, praising and loving on the Lord and thank Him that He has the answers for you and that He will put those desires and the Peace that passes all understanding in you heart and soul! What a journey this life is. We're all in different seasons. Be still, know that He is God and Enjoy the season u r in. You were made for a purpose and God will lead you if you take hold of His hand and never let go!

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