Happy and Holy

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “happy,” This flash mob of writers makes me so happy. I love them to pieces! We would love to have you join us.  

I couldn’t get Pharrel’s song Happy out of my mind tonight. Mostly it was because Jennifer Dukes Lee was at the FMF Party and her new book The Happiness Dare has us all thinking about our happiness. And then Kate told us the word and of course it was happy. I just knew that was going to be the prompt.

So what makes you truly happy? Are you a giver, a doer, a relater, a thinker or an Experiencer?  I myself am a giver with relater being one point behind. For me “shared happiness is double happiness.” I would much rather give than receive.

Sometimes in our world, it can be so hard to be happy. But in her book, Jennifer helps us look at happiness in a new way. Happiness and holiness are two sides to the same coin. One can be happy and holy at the same time. One of my fave quotes from the book is “The God who gave you your smile is the same God who gave you your tear ducts.” Yes! In other words, we can be happy in the midst of our sadness and in the midst of our joy. “Happiness is an outward expression of an inward joy found in Jesus.”–Jennifer Dukes Lee

For me, my happiness is found in cuddling with a tiny baby. Happiness is in spending time with those I love. Happiness is in the sweet summer sun kissing my skin. Happiness is found in jamming out to some of my favorite happy songs. Happiness is a reminder that I can be happy trusting and clinging to the promise of inward joy found in Jesus. I’ll happy dance to that

                                                          I just had to include this!

40 thoughts on “Happy and Holy

  1. Tara,
    and we'd be so happy together. You and me, and me and you…
    So how is the weather???

    Okay, enough funny song references. I didn't do a song this week, there were too many. I almost did. I may go back and add one right now.

    You bring happy moments to me. I'll forever appreciate your embracing the word "fuzzy" for a prompt. 🙂

    #7 again!

  2. I have LOVED being on the launch team of this book with you and seeing all of your graphics 😉 I love your post and hope people will read this book.

  3. That song has been stuck in my head too ever since I saw the prompt! Your post is great, and I have loved the book and being part of the launch team too. Learning about the different happiness styles was very eye-opening. I am a thinker/ giver.

  4. Love this! There is nothing like sun-kissed skin and dancing to your favorite tunes. BTW- Pharrell's song always makes me happy and gets me up dancing. Love you friend!

  5. Love this! Happiness for me is family time, is opening our home to friends (and the quiet that follows!), is hiking and immersing myself in nature. I kept a "thankful" list for many years – maybe I need to change the title to happiness list.

  6. Tara, I hadn't thought about the reality that God gave us laughter and tear ducts. You're right. We can choose happiness even during times of sorrow. I seriously think it's got to be a supernatural happiness in those times.

    I'm so looking forward to reading The Happiness Dare!

    Great post, my friend!

  7. Love this, friend! So good! (And that song… I believe I read somewhere that Pharrell actually researched it scientifically to find a progression of notes that guarantee a release of happiness and I think it must be true! Just the first few nothes always bring a smile to my face!

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